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World first smart farming solution for fertilizers management and to detect crop disease to increase crop yield with water control tools. Majority of agriculture farms in world is less than 2 acres and its very hard for farmers to use expensive tech devices to predict farm conditions. Sensegrass brings first smart farming technology with the combination of multispectral cameras and Aerial drone sensors for farm management with AI based softwares. Sensegrass is a smart farming solution to solve agriculture issues with one software.
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Multispectral Cameras

More precise field mapping through nano satellite field images for big farms with accurate precision farming.

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Drone Sensors

Patented wireless drone sensors for more coverage and accurate data surveillance.

Go to AI Prediction

AI Prediction

No human involved, complete Artificial intelligence analyzing of data to give precise solutions for better cropping.

Go to Virtual Reality for Disease

Virtual Reality for Disease

First virtual reality application to find and solve plants diseases and chlorophyll content in fruit plants.

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Our Sloution

One stop farming solution to farmers
We combine multispectral cameras and drone sensors for fertilizer management and crop diseases to increase crop yield.

Our Team

Global Team From AI-Drones- VR- Ag

Lalit Gautam

Serial Entrepreneur, Investor,Mentor, Marketer.

Akshay Makkar

Co- Founder- COO
2 Years of Start-up experience. Mechical Engineer, Entrepreneur.

Aaron Pearl

Chief Ai- Machine Learning Officer, Masters in Machine Learning and Data Scientist.

Sonu Gupta

Masters in IT and Computer Science, Tech Geek


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